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Your First Visit

On your first visit, you will fill out a health questionnaire which will assist your treating doctor in taking a history of your condition. You will receive a chiropractic examination to make sure that you are in the appropriate setting for your care. If you need a referral for a different type of care, we will assist you in that process.

What about x-rays?

If your condition is such that x-rays are needed, we have x-ray facilities in-house. Many conditions do not warrant x-rays, so x-rays will be taken only when they are in the best interest of your health.

Will I receive a chiropractic adjustment on my first visit?

Most patients at Cosgrove Chiropractic actually receive treatment on the first visit. The chiropractic adjustment generally is a series of physical movements designed to restore normal mobility to the musculoskeltal system. Most patients find the adjustments to be comfortable and gentle.

What about insurance?

Cosgrove Chiropractic is a preferred provider for most major medical insurance plans. We will verify your insurance benefits at your first visit, or you may get a head start on the process by faxing your insurance information to us at (972) 937-0605. While we are eager to accomodate insurance requirements, our goal is to make chiropractic care accessible and affordable regardless of coverage.

We welcome you to the Cosgrove Chiropractic Clinic. Our experience through the years is that you come in as a patient and leave as a friend.